SSR Koenig 17x8+44 and 17x9+36 5x114

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SSR Koenig 17x8+44 and 17x9+36 5x114

Post by illest on Wed Nov 16, 2011 3:55 am

PRICE: 1,300 OBO.

Location: Chattanooga, TN. Willing to meet in Ksaw for you ATL guys for a lil bit more $$ (for gas).
Contact: Text 423-834-2535 or pm on here.

215/40 Falcon ZEIX912's all the way around.. fronts are 10-20% (basically done for) and rears are 50-60ish%.


One wheel (drivers rear) has a good 1ft or so of curb rash on it.. Pictures will be uploaded tomorrow afternoon.

ONLY trades accepted are Work or SSR wheels or other non-fake stuff (I can add cash if needed). NO I WILL NOT take XXR or Rotas + cash. Trades must also be either 17 or 18.. and have decent width's and offsets.

Here are pics of them on my car. I will get individual shots later.. I will not take them off unless I have a buyer.

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