KILL #2 2006 GTI

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KILL #2 2006 GTI

Post by ChattG35 on Mon Aug 29, 2011 12:13 am

no video since i was driving..and not really an impressive kill due to power difference but this thing is turbocharged so it very easily could be modified but not sure what he had and my G has no power adders..Just your average green light go 1st gear i was half a cars length not even redlining it and once i hit 2nd i was gone..i loved this thing i want one was cleanly stanced and well done but no match for the G..props to the driver though..and if he ends up on this forum no hard feelings bro.. the end. my first kill was a TL-S but that was a year ago the day i bought my G.. so no sense in posting.

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