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Hiking and ski backpacks Empty Hiking and ski backpacks

Post by JDMwannabee on Sun Sep 04, 2011 9:14 pm

i have two brand new outdoor bags for sale. still have the original tags on them.

one is a swiss gear, city pack.

it has a spot for your cd/mp3 player with an external headphone port.

airflow back. (great for summer hiking)

spot for your water bottle.

organizer pocket.

compression strap.

and weighs less than 2 lbs. and holds over 50 lbs.

this bag sells at sporting good stores for about $60.00 just make me an offer.. and ill ship it to you for cost.

the next bag i have is a Granite Gear Q2(quick quiver)

its made for extreme cold, long hauls and ski tracking. (racing)

here is what it says on the tag:

When it comes to first tracks, speed and timing are everything! Introducing a ski pack designed to help get you to the top first. Our new Q2 is simply the worlds fastest ski pack because you don't have to take the pack off to attach or detach your skis. The system is designed much like and archer carries arrows; quiver style for easy deployment. The unique rigging system is easy, secure and fast. Ski tails are dropped into the side holster; skis are then drawn across the back into the "ski-channel" when they are then secured with a small carabiner to the d-ring on the right shoulder strap. The side holster automatically retracts into its own compartment when not in use.

The main compartment sits close to the back with internal sleeves for shovel handles, probes, and even a snow saw. The shovel blade fits in the botom. The large triangular outer pocket with mesh internal pocketsallows easy side access to skins, goggles, extra layers, and other equipment. So now you have no excuses for being at the end of the line, unless you enjoied one to many of the "red, white and blues" the night before, or your wheezing flat-lander lungs can't handle the altitude. The Q2 a pack by power hounds, for power hounds.

fits regular size torso. 1200 cubes. and weighs 2.8 lbs.

this bag sells for $160.00 in sporting good stores.

once again, just make me an offer and ill ship it for cost. but please don't low ball me. these bags are expensive and in perfect condition.

ill also consider trades.

Hiking and ski backpacks Ninaandtreyandforsalestuff002

Hiking and ski backpacks Ninaandtreyandforsalestuff004

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